Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Report

April was super busy for us. The races started the first week of April in Lincoln at the Big Red Invitational. We got 3rd in the A-31 car race. The next race was in Hastings. The Hastings Invite was a learning experience. After we went to Hastings we took the week of the Grand Island race off and fixed the little things that were causing us problems. We also did a paint job and some body work on the S-20 car. We had our final regular season race and it was at

home. The Cuming County Open is hosted by us and we did a phenomenal job. We won the S-20 car race and set a new track record with 76 laps. We also won the A-31 car race and tied the previous track record with 84 laps. State Power Drive is next week and we will give you an update on how we do. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Report

This month has been a busy. We have been finishing up our cars before our first race on April 5th. Carsten and Easton finished the steering on the S20 car. Derek designed a brake mount that we are mounting on the S20 car. Ian, Morgan, and Derek extended the gas pedal in the A31 car. Morgan and Auston straightened the rear axel mount and braced them better on the S20 car. On the A31 car, Zeb washed the windows. The boys are now in the process of wiring the S20 car. Easton and Carsten are attaching strap metal to the S20 car to fasten the body to it. That is it for this month, see you again at the end of April.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Report

We're back with a new month and a lot more accomplished. The first thing we started was aligning the wheels on the S20 car. The reasoning behind this is the Ackerman Angle. This aligning will make it smoother around the corners. We got the rear axle mount installed to hold the rear tire in place. Carsten, Auston D., and Ian also started on the steering system this month. Another thing we did was put strap metal on the car. This is used to attach body panels. We did this for more body support. The design for the brake pedal mount was started. This helps keep the brake pedal in place. Easton finished up all the welding this month too. Morgan also worked on motor mounts. These will keep the motor in place. Derek started making auto CAD drawings for the front axles to help align steering system. The guys also discussed a steering wheel and seat belt design. We decided and put in a seat belt harness. This insures better safety if there were to be a crash. We set the steering which means setting the caster, camber, toe and the Ackerman Angle to precise measurements. In the A31 car this month we lengthened the throttle. This allows taller drivers better access to the foot pedal. That is it for the month of February and we'll be back next month!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Power Drive Concessions

The Bancroft-Rosalie Power Drive team has been a little busy lately. Besides working our hardest on the cars we also have been raising money by doing concession stands at sporting events. Here's a list of the items we're selling and feel free to stop by and support us! :)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Report

New year, same old thing. The Bancroft-Rosalie Power Drive was back at it when we returned to school on January 7th. Morgan started putting strap metal on the S20 car for the body. Austin B. also continued his battery testing. The guys redesigned the canopy, discussed a new canopy and cutoff bars from our old canopy. We think redesigning the canopy for the S20 car will make it more aerodynamic and easier to get in and out of. Also makes it easier for our bigger drivers and we wanted to switch up the car design a bit. Auston D. put the arches in the back. The boys also started working on the engine stands so that we can make welding on the car easier by rolling it over. Also welded and put straps on for the body. Zeb, Taylor, Carsten, and Dayne worked on the seat. On the A31 car we gave it a paint job, put an E meter in the car, changed all the brake fluids, put in some new brake rotors, and put in a new LED tail light. As for us documentation specialists we have been working hard all month on putting all the data and getting everything organized. That is it for the month of January and we'll keep you updated on what we do in February!