Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Report

We're back with a new month and a lot more accomplished. The first thing we started was aligning the wheels on the S20 car. The reasoning behind this is the Ackerman Angle. This aligning will make it smoother around the corners. We got the rear axle mount installed to hold the rear tire in place. Carsten, Auston D., and Ian also started on the steering system this month. Another thing we did was put strap metal on the car. This is used to attach body panels. We did this for more body support. The design for the brake pedal mount was started. This helps keep the brake pedal in place. Easton finished up all the welding this month too. Morgan also worked on motor mounts. These will keep the motor in place. Derek started making auto CAD drawings for the front axles to help align steering system. The guys also discussed a steering wheel and seat belt design. We decided and put in a seat belt harness. This insures better safety if there were to be a crash. We set the steering which means setting the caster, camber, toe and the Ackerman Angle to precise measurements. In the A31 car this month we lengthened the throttle. This allows taller drivers better access to the foot pedal. That is it for the month of February and we'll be back next month!

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